Manage tools versions with asdf

In order to install binaries and to be able to switch from a version to another I like to use asdf.

📥 Installation

The recommended installation is to use Git as follows

1git clone ~/.asdf --branch v0.10.0

Then depending on your shell here are the remaining steps to follow

1. $HOME/.asdf/

And you may want to configure the shell completion

1. $HOME/.asdf/completions/asdf.bash

🚀 Let's take an example

List all available plugins and look for k3d

1asdf plugin-list-all | grep k3d

Let's install k3d

1asdf plugin-add k3d

Check the versions available

1asdf list-all k3d| tail -n 3

We'll install the latest version

1asdf install k3d latest
2* Downloading k3d release 5.4.1...
3k3d 5.4.1 installation was successful!

Finally we can switch from a version to another. We can set a global version that would be used on all directories.

1asdf global k3d 5.4.1

or use a local version depending on the current directory

1cd /tmp
2asdf local k3d 5.4.1
4asdf current k3d
5k3d             5.4.1           /tmp/.tool-versions

🧹 Cleanup

Uninstall a given version

1asdf uninstall k3d 5.4.1

Remove a plugin

1asdf plugin remove k3d